Greenland Warming Has Sharply Increased, According to New Ice Core Analysis

According to a recently published study, during the 15 years that ended in 2011, Greenland’s average annual temperature rose by 1.5 degrees Celsius above the average for the 20th century. Scientists were able to determine temperatures from hundreds of years ago by analyzing samples of Greenland’s ice. Greenland’s ice cores from the most distant north-central region of the island have not, until recently, clearly indicated any signs of warming. The results were derived from cores collected in 1995. The new study’s researchers looked at cores that were dug in 2011. They said their research indicated an increase in temperature during the preceding 15 years. The study was published in Nature by the German researchers.

The study’s lead author, Maria Hoerhold, claimed that this was an obvious indication of climate change. “We continue to observe rising temperatures between the 1990s and 2011,” the speaker stated. Hoerhold works as a glaciologist at Germany’s Alfred Wegener Institute. “Global warming’s signature is now evident.” Researchers examine ice core data over several years. Hoerhold has new cores from 2019. She is still studying them, though. She anticipates that the temperature will rise more. According to the study, glaciers and the ice sheet in Greenland have been melting.

Greenland’s temperatures between 1000 and 2011 have been estimated using data from ice cores. According to scientific models, throughout the first 800 years of that time, average temperatures may have decreased slightly. The post-1995 temperature increase was significantly greater than that of pre-industrial periods prior to the mid-19th century. According to Hoerhold, there is a “nearly zero” possibility that it isn’t due to climate change brought on by humans. According to Hoerhold, human-caused climate change was concealed by Greenland’s historical natural weather variations. However, she claimed that around 25 years ago, the warming became too significant to be ignored.

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