Hunters Search the Netherlands for Nazi Treasure

Last week, treasure seekers strolled across the fields of Ommeren, in the eastern Netherlands, equipped with metal detectors and digging tools. They were searching for gold and gems that there were rumors Nazi soldiers had buried during the Second World War. A 77-year-old Nazi map was made public last week by the Dutch National Archive. Officials claimed they thought the map indicated the locations of four boxes containing priceless metals and diamonds that soldiers had buried. According to the Archive, the guys had taken them following an explosion in a bank in 1944. Some speculate that the items could be valued in the millions of dollars. Following the liberation of the Netherlands from Nazi domination in 1945, Dutch officials stole the map from a German soldier.


According to the Archive, they searched for the treasure multiple times in 1947 but were unsuccessful. Archive spokesman Anne-Marieke Samson She said that after investigating the story, the organization concluded that it was “reliable.” She did add that it’s conceivable the treasure was removed prior to the Archive search or that there was never a treasure at all. Jan Henzen, 57, found it impossible to resist the prospect of treasure. He was only one of many people looking about with tools. Like many others, I went in search of the wealth after hearing about it. I believe there is very little likelihood that the treasure will still be here after 70 years, but I still want to try,” he remarked.

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