Part Three of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ “A Princess of Mars”

JOHN CARTER: A second massive aircraft carrier blew up in midair. Crew members went down on the ground. The massive vessel lost equilibrium and started to spin uncontrollably. It was near the ground soon. The warriors boarded the ship and started combating the crew members who were still alive. The fighting eventually halted. The fighters started looting the ship of everything. Finally, they brought a prisoner from the cargo hold. By each arm, two of the warriors held their victim. I was curious to find out what kind of unusual and novel life this thing would be.

I could see that it was a lady when they got closer. She appeared to be an Earthly woman. She was in her youth. Her complexion was a pale red that bordered on copper. I could see she was quite lovely right away. Her face was delicate, with long, black hair and wide, dark eyes. She briefly noticed me as her soldiers carried her away. She seems really shocked. Her expression was hopeful. But her expression became sad and she appeared little and afraid when I made no attempt to talk to her. Observing her vanish into a structure, I became aware that Sola was in close proximity.

SOLA: John Carter, that woman is going to be kept for our people’s big games. For those caught in fight, the lengthy and brutal games result in death. Her demise will be agonizing and gradual. For everyone’s amusement, she will perish. JOHN CARTER: Sola appeared dejected as she spoke. She did not like the games, and I could tell by the way she spoke that she did not want to see the young woman die. Compared to the rest of her people, she was extremely unique. Do you dislike the games, Sola? SOLA: John Carter, no. In the games, my mom passed away. You have a secret that you should keep to yourself.


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