Sweet Lunar New Year’s Treats

On Sunday, January 22, Asian families celebrate the Lunar New Year, which is observed in China, Vietnam, and the United States. Large meals, brand-new clothing, and the customary red money envelopes for kids are all there. The color red denotes luck. Throughout the day, there are lots of delicious sweet sweets to pair with tea. People have been waiting in line for New Year dessert gifts outside Daoxiangcun, one of Beijing, China’s most well-known bakeries. A few of the candies have the form of rabbits, which are the 2023 Chinese zodiac animal of honor. Lexi Li waited in the chilly weather for seven hours to purchase baked pastries in the Shanxi province of central China.

Chinese treats for Lunar New Year typically contain rice or wheat. These consist of steamed cakes known as fat goh, candied lotus seeds, almond biscuits, sesame balls, and rice balls. The most well-liked dessert is nian gao, which is made of rice flour, red bean paste, taro, date fruit, and jujube. In Chinese, nian gao (meaning “higher year”) denotes an upcoming year that will be more prosperous. It also conveys hopes for kids to get taller. Siu Yan Ho is a Chinese cuisine expert who resides in Hong Kong. “Food is memory, and this memory is associated with festivals,” stated Siu.

The Year of the Cat is being celebrated in Vietnam. Each region has its own customary treats for this kind of occasion. Nguan gao, also known as banh to, is consumed by Vietnamese people. They also consume che kho gao nep, a sticky rice pudding prepared with water, ginger, and either molasses or sugar. Banh tet chuoi, a rice cake with bananas, and che kho dau xanh, a bean pudding cooked with coconut milk and sugar, are two other delicacies. Linh Trinh, a Vietnamese food historian at the University of Michigan, explained that during the three days leading up to Lunar New Year, people visit their family, friends, and teachers. Therefore, in order to host tea parties and welcome visitors, everyone needs to stock their homes with a lot of goodies.

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