The New Book by Prince Harry Recalls His Battle with Brother William

Prince Harry of Great Britain claims in his new book on life in the royal family that he was once knocked down during a fight with his brother, Prince William. This week saw the release in Spain of Harry’s book, Spare. On January 10, it is anticipated to go on sale in other nations. The prince is the youngest child of Princess Diana and King Charles III of Britain. William, his elder brother, is the next in line to succeed their father as King. The name of the novel originates from Harry’s position in the royal family. He is the extra son, the spare.


When Harry, 38, and his bride Meghan Markle chose to quit the royal family and relocate to California in 2020, it made headlines. The book describes a 2019 quarrel between the brothers in Harry’s London house that escalated into a physical altercation. Harry said that William had described Meghan as challenging, impolite, and harsh. Harry claimed that during the fight, William pulled him down by the shirt, shattered his jewels, and grabbed him by the shirt. He broke the dog’s food bowl after falling into it, resulting in “scrapes and bruises.” William allegedly ordered Harry to fight back, but Harry refused. Harry wrote that William later apologized.


William and Harry were originally thought to be close buddies, particularly following their mother’s 1997 death in a Paris car accident. The brothers’ subsequent relationship has not been as close. In 2022, Harry and Meghan resigned from their royal positions. They claimed at the time that following their 2018 marriage, the royal family had stopped supporting them. In a recent Netflix six-part documentary and in an interview with American television host Oprah Winfrey, Harry claimed that his relatives had told reporters unfavorable things about Meghan. He said that the unfavorable reports and lack of encouragement were meant to shield William.

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