US Reopens Cuban Consular and Visa Services

On Wednesday, the US Embassy in Cuba will resume providing consular and visa services. To assist Cubans in joining their families in the United States, the embassy says it will give priority to immigration permits. This transfer occurs amid one of the biggest waves of Cuban immigration to the United States in history. Among the causes of Cubans’ exodus are the island’s political and economic issues. The embassy anticipates issuing 20,000 or more visas annually. However, that is a very small portion of the entire Cuban population that is emigrating to the US. U.S. officials revealed in late December that they had stopped 34,675 Cubans at the border with Mexico in November, a 21 percent increase from 28,848 stops in October.


Every month, that number has gradually increased. According to statistics from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Cubans are currently the second-largest nationality to cross the border, behind Mexicans. The majority of Cuban migrants arrive in the United States after flying first to Nicaragua and then crossing the border into Mexico by land. Some, though, embark on a perilous maritime voyage. They board rickety boats carrying migrants and sail ninety miles to the coast of Florida. Following several months of migration talks and visits to Cuba by U.S. officials, the embassy is renewing its visa program. It might indicate that things are gradually getting better between the two administrations.


President Joe Biden of the United States’ administration has eased some of the limitations on travel from Miami to Cuba and on sending money to Cuban relatives who are residents of the country. But there are still limitations on visitors’ access to Cuba. Restrictions on the import and export of numerous commodities also apply. The United States has expressed disapproval of the Cuban government’s handling of demonstrators in 2021. People were criticizing the government’s response to the Covid-19 outbreak at the time, as well as the scarcity of food and medication.

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