Salutations! Can AI assist consumers in selecting a better wine bottle?

Though it still cannot smell or taste, artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly assisting consumers in selecting a good bottle of wine. Blake Hershey claims that his wife served as the idea for his AI-powered wine recommendation app Sippd. Since he is their relationship’s wine expert, she kept texting him from restaurants one weekend when she was out with friends, asking for his recommendations. According to Mr. Hershey, the incident made him realize that customers should have an easier time selecting a bottle in a restaurant, grocery store, or wine shop.

“For all the advances in technology, the process of flipping through large wine lists full of obscure wine jargon until you give up and ask the waiting staff for a recommendation, when they don’t know your preferences, seemed outdated to me,” according to him. Thus, the concept for the US-based Sippd app was formed, and in 2021 it will launch in the US. Sippd differs from other wine suggestion applications in that it was built on technology from the start, unlike market leader Vivino, which is now progressively integrating AI.

To begin, new users must answer a series of questions about their wine preferences, including color, body, acidity, flavor, sweetness, and pricing, in an online wine quiz. The “heavy lifting” is then completed by the app’s AI engine, which creates thousands of customized wine recommendations it refers to as “taste matches”. These are scored in percentage terms, where a perfect match is represented by a score of 100%. Next, you may begin using the camera on your phone to scan wine labels or lists, and Sippd will provide your taste match scores for each bottle.

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