A man wins his customers’ hearts with his umbrellas

Unbelievably, “Chinese creativity” has made a man displaying umbrellas with a variety of artistic patterns become viral on the internet, even drawing attention from foreign netizens who came across the video clips, according to CCTV news. The videos feature bright, laser-reflective umbrellas that chase away the darkness, floor-length plastic curtains attached to umbrellas that keep garments dry, twin umbrellas made especially for couples, and a host of other items. Lei Penglin, the man in the clips, is the creator of all of them.


38 years old In the province of Zhejiang, Lei has run an umbrella manufacturing in Shaoxing. Because of his performances in the clips, he is fondly referred to as “uncle” by online users. Since he was a little boy, Lei has worked in umbrella manufacturers, performing nearly every task there. A simple hand weight will reveal the craft and approximate cost of any umbrella. Lei opened his own factory in 2014. Thousands of orders were first received by his factory. But as the competition grew fiercer, Lei had to look for other chances. He discovered that original and inventive items were usually noticeable. Lei began incorporating innovative concepts into the items as a result, and his umbrella with an attached flashlight became well-known in 2022.


Lei came across a fascinating request in the product videos’ comment section that received a lot of likes. It suggested that he create a reflective umbrella for nighttime strolling. Lei made the “laser reflective umbrella” after taking the advice, and it sold over 70,000 pieces at first. From that point on, Lei began to value comments highly in order to learn new concepts. Lei currently reads comments for several hours each day. “I will read and respond to between 300–500 comments per day on my own. I can only determine everyone’s needs and promptly address any after-sale issues by paying close attention,” he stated.

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