Agreement struck on providing aid to Gaza, including for hostages

According to Qatari mediators, Israel and Hamas have reached an agreement to let additional humanitarian aid into the war-torn Gaza. They claim that as part of an agreement mediated by France and Qatar, medical supplies will be distributed to Hamas hostages. Israel will permit Gaza to receive additional necessities in exchange. After Israeli bombardment for more than three months, the situation in the region is catastrophic. In the meantime, the US said it is optimistic that continued negotiations will result in the release of additional captives. The potential of such a deal has been discussed by the US Middle East envoy, who is now in Qatar, according to White House national security spokesperson John Kirby on Tuesday.

The aid arrangement was earlier announced by Majed Al Ansari, a spokeswoman for Qatar’s foreign ministry. As per the agreement, the aid would depart from Doha, the capital of Qatar, and arrive in Egypt on Wednesday. After that, the supplies will be sent to Gaza to be given to people, and medications would be given to Israeli prisoners. It is believed that around 132 prisoners are being held captive in Gaza. On October 7, Hamas conducted several raids in southern Israel and detained over 240 persons. Approximately 1,300 individuals died, the most of them civilians.

The Hostages Families HQ group stated in a letter to Israel’s war council that many abductees need frequent medical attention and that some were in immediate danger following the conclusion of a ceasefire last year. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated last week that David Barnea, the head of Mossad, the country’s espionage agency, had contacted Qatar to broker an agreement for the provision of the necessary medications. Mr. Netanyahu expressed “his appreciation to all those who have assisted in the endeavour” in a statement he released on Tuesday.

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