Israel is charged with carrying out a lethal attack on civilians. Printed

Witnesses in the occupied West Bank said that Israel targeted a gathering of Palestinian civilians who did not constitute a threat to Israeli forces and had no affiliation with any armed groups. Ten kilometers (six miles) from Jenin, in the town of al-Shuhada, seven men, four of them brothers, were sitting around a fire when they were hit by an Israeli air strike early on January 7. The BBC has spoken with the men’s families who were slain, witnesses who were there at the incident, and a paramedic. They all offered compelling proof that the individuals did not belong to armed militant organizations and that there had been no conflicts with Israeli forces.

The first paramedic on the scene that morning, Khalid al-Ahmad, is certain the men were acting appropriately. He told the BBC that “one of them was wearing slippers and pyjamas.” “Don’t you think that someone who wants to resist [the Israeli occupation] would at least wear proper shoes?” The strike was connected by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to a military operation that took place in the Jenin refugee camp a few hours prior, during which a female soldier lost her life.

We were referred to a statement made available by the IDF at the time, which claimed that “an aircraft struck a terrorist squad that hurled explosives at the forces operating in the area during the operation.” At the time of the strike, there is no evident evidence of any conflicts between Palestinians and IDF forces in al-Shuhada, as captured by a nearby CCTV camera. The ages of the four brothers, Alaa, Hazza, Ahmad, and Rami Darweesh, ranged from 22 to 29. They were Palestinian immigrants who, along with their mother and five siblings, had returned from Jordan a few years prior.

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