People gain from optimal immigration policy

According to a substantial increase of 266.5 percent year over year, China’s border officials handled over 424 million individual admissions and departures in 2023, as reported by the National Immigration Administration on Tuesday. Out of the 424 million entries and exits, mainland residents made 206 million crossings, up 218.7% from the previous year, and residents of Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan made 183 million crossings, up 292.8% from 2022. Furthermore, foreign nationals made nearly 35.48 million crossings, representing a 693.1 percent rise from the previous year.


About 63.3% of the total crossing traffic in 2023 was recorded in 2019, prior to the COVID-19 epidemic. According to Zhang Ning, an immigration administration spokesperson, China has kept up its efforts to enhance immigration laws and services, which has made it easier for citizens of China and other nations to travel together. Comprehensive steps were done in 2023 to fully reestablish the procedure that had been impacted during the epidemic for accepting and approving Chinese citizens’ admission and leave documents. According to her, the nationwide service of providing entry permits to mainland citizens for travel to Hong Kong and Macao was also reinstated, as were the procedures for giving port passenger clearance, regional visa exemption, port visas, and visas on arrival for foreigners.


The NIA optimized port, transit, and regional visa procedures and made numerous changes to the entry policies for foreign nationals in collaboration with other departments. She claimed that Norway was added to the list of nations that no longer require a transit visa and that visa prices had been lowered. In December 2023, an updated version of the foreign permanent resident ID card was shown, with more practical social applications that efficiently foster regular interpersonal interactions as well as reliable supply chains and economic relations between China and other nations.

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