Spotify criticizes Apple’s ‘outrageous’ 27 percent fee.

Spotify has publicly criticized Apple for imposing extra transaction fees in the US that can reach 27%. Apple declared on Wednesday that it would allow app developers to sell goods outside of its own store, provided that they continued to receive commission. Spotify called that “outrageous” and that Apple was “stopping at nothing” to maintain its financial position. It is pleading with the British government to stop imposing such charges within the country. We’ve reached out to Apple for a response. The company’s protracted legal spat with Fortnite developer Epic Games led to the introduction of the fees in the US.

The court ruled in favor of Apple on a number of points, but it broke the law when it prohibited app developers from informing users about other payment methods, such as URLs that circumvent Apple’s own App Store payment mechanism. Largest developers pay 30% to utilize this method, whereas 15% or less are charged by smaller developers, and 85% of developers pay nothing at all. Apple has implemented new regulations in the US as a result of the verdict, allowing users to subscribe to services without utilizing its system in exchange for a fee that could reach 27% for developers.

The company said in court filings that the commission fee complied with the court’s decision and added that App Store developers profit from Apple’s services. “All App Store developers – including those who place buttons or links with calls to action in their apps – benefit from (among other things) Apple’s platform integrity,” according to the documents. Among the other advantages mentioned were “marketing and external advertising, and a safe environment for users to download and purchase apps and in-app content.” In a furious response, Spotify said that the policy “flies in the face” of the US court’s efforts to allow for more competition.


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