Due to accusations of academic fraud, a professor has been suspended

On Tuesday, a user on the microblogging site Sina Weibo posted a joint statement signed by eleven students, raising concerns about the charges that quickly became public. Huang was accused by the students of manipulating data, fabricating experimental results, and plagiarizing scholarly works. They further asserted that Huang had violated ethical norms by suppressing students, withholding labor compensation, and exercising undue influence over peer reviews. The notice stated that there was strong evidence of Huang’s anomalies in experimental photos, data, and findings uncovered during an examination into claims of academic misconduct.


As a result, the university terminated Huang’s internal responsibilities and employment, and set up a supervisory committee to assume responsibility for the implicated research team’s research. The university reaffirmed its commitment to completing a thorough inquiry into the allegations and highlighted its zero-tolerance policy against academic misconduct and ethical infractions. According to the students’ united statement, Huang was involved in a variety of major academic misconduct cases, which were recorded in a 125-page dossier that was shared on social media. They argued that Huang had forced them to fabricate experimental results and manipulate data during their studies, seriously damaging the objectivity and legitimacy of scientific research.


Huazhong Agricultural University’s College of Animal Science and Technology and College of Veterinary Medicine released a statement on Tuesday night reiterating their dedication to moral principles and their zero-tolerance policy for academic dishonesty. They promised to address the situation in line with the findings of the investigation and any applicable regulations, and they announced the creation of a special task team to look into the matter. Public records show that Huang specializes in animal molecular nutrition and feed processing technology. He holds positions as a professor and doctorate supervisor at the College of Animal Science and Technology.

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