Every year, about 500 tonnes of premium PyinOoLwin coffee are exported to eight client nations

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Irrigation in PyinOoLwin Township oversees the coffee research and technology propagation farm. Deputy Director Daw Mie Mie Myint reports that the farm produces between 400 and 500 tonnes of superior Arabica coffee annually and exports it to eight different countries. “Among the countries that import Arabica coffee from PyinOoLwin are China, Thailand, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Korea, and Germany. From 2020 to 2023, the coffee has been exported without fail.


Coffee beans are regularly purchased from farms by export companies and exported. Coffee from PyinOoLwin is exported directly to China and Thailand, and then via Thailand to the remaining nations, according to Daw Mie Mie Myint. In order to hold Arabica coffee beans grown in PyinOoLwin for an extended period of time and subsequently sell them to other countries, coffee exporters purchase these beans.


Since Myanmar currently produces more coffee than is consumed domestically, it is exported to other countries. Approximately 50,000 acres of land are planted with coffee plants nationwide, with nearly 40,000 acres dedicated to Arabica coffee cultivation.

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