Fears for the future are expressed by Palestinians as the war ruins Gaza.

Concerns about the future have been expressed by Palestinians in Gaza as Israel steps up its onslaught on Khan Younis. Recent days have seen some of the fiercest fighting in Gaza surrounding the southern metropolis. Families that have already been uprooted are escaping the vicinity of the Nasser hospital, which is the biggest hospital in the region that is still open. The health ministry operated by Hamas reports that since Israel began responding to the Hamas strikes on October 7, over 24,000 people have died in Gaza. Most of Gaza’s 2.3 million inhabitants are internally displaced and struggle every day to obtain food, water, and medical supplies.

Two-time parent Mohammed al-Khaldi told the BBC that he had lost his house, his business, and his source of income after being uprooted from Gaza City. I am no longer able to give my kids the basic necessities of life. “I hold the Israeli occupation responsible for the massive destruction, but I do not absolve Hamas of responsibility for everything that happened,” he stated. Since 2007, Hamas, a Palestinian organization, has ruled Gaza. The Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades, the group’s military wing, was estimated to have over 30,000 members prior to the October 7 attack on Israel, which resulted in the deaths of about 1,300 people, the majority of whom were civilians, and the release of 240 hostages into Gaza.

“The worst case scenario would be a return to the previous state of affairs, with a conflict occurring every two or three years. Before the war, things were tough, but now they’ve gotten disastrous,” Mr. Khaldi stated. The cost of items has increased tenfold, and the majority of requirements are no longer accessible. Every day, when I see my children’s eyes and realize how helpless I am to provide for them, I wish I could die a thousand times over.” In Khan Younis, the majority of the people I spoke with said that the Israeli army was moving closer to the city center.

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