Hebei sets up a squad to look into erroneous arrests

A work group in Qianxi county has been established by many Hebei province officials, including disciplinary, public security, and judiciary, to look into how a recent case was handled. The group will conduct a comprehensive investigation into any evidence of wrongdoing that was reported by a local resident, according to a Friday article in Hebei Daily. On Thursday, Procurator-General of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate Ying Yong, who attended a procuratorial work seminar with a number of attendees from many walks of life, also commented on the matter.


In order to keep similar issues from arising in the future, Ying emphasized the need of using the law as the standard and the facts as the foundation. She also pointed out that prosecutors nationwide need to take note of what happened in Hebei. The incident that Ying brought up happened in Qianxi towards the end of last year. Ma Shushan, 75, was wrongfully detained and charged with a crime after disclosing the misconduct of local authorities and the waste of public funds on pointless projects. Retiring from Qianxi’s bureau of agricultural affairs, Ma asserted that millions of yuan were squandered on a “bright project” by Li Guifu, Qianxi’s Party secretary, and many other local officials.


However, by December, local police had illegally held Ma on suspicion of a crime, and anti-corruption bureaus had not yet launched an investigation. Ma’s detention was authorized by the county procuratorate within a few days, and charges of false allegation and slander were brought against him. The matter garnered public attention and rapidly made news in the media. Removing the charges against Ma on Monday because there were “no criminal facts” allowed Qianxi’s prosecutors to free him that same day. Ying stated at the seminar on Thursday that the SPP had given the incident a lot of weight since it started the dispute, sending senior prosecutors to Hebei to oversee the case management.

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