Party fees are used by CPC to support grassroots members’ training and education

The Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee’s Organization Department has allotted 318 million yuan ($44.2 million) to improve primary-level CPC members’ and cadres’ education and training. According to a statement from the department, the fund is derived from Party fees that are gathered from CPC members and managed by the department on behalf of the CPC Central Committee.


According to the department, this scheme also benefits the families of CPC members and cadres who lost their lives while performing their duties. The agency states that the monies will also be used to support the training and education programs for CPC members and cadres in the 160 counties that are recognized as national-level key counties and get support for rural regeneration. The agency emphasized taking steps to make sure the money is spent wisely, improve financial monitoring, and make sure it goes toward the intended uses.

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