Court Cases involving Asylum Seekers Continue to Rise

Three million cases are pending in immigration courts around the nation as a result of the high number of people entering the country illegally. The epicenter of the immigration wave is Miami, Florida. There are 261,000 removal cases waiting for a hearing. According to Austin Kocher, that figure would have included the whole nation just 12 years ago. He is a federal immigration detention expert and professor at Syracuse University in New York.


Miami is said to have the longest docket, or list, of these cases, according to the Associated Press (AP). There are immigrants in the backlog who have been in the nation for a long time but were detained for reasons unrelated to their arrival. But the majority are those seeking asylum. They have expressed to border security officers their concern that if they go back to their country of origin, they would face danger. According to the AP, unprecedented numbers of migrants are being detained for entering the country illegally over the southern border. As a result, during the most recent fiscal year, the backlog of court cases increased by more than one million.


There is documentation of the detention of migrants who are apprehended by U.S. officials at the border. After that, the majority are allowed to enter the country and instructed to show up in court at the destination city. The Department of Homeland Security transfers the data to the Department of Justice, where the courts are run by the Executive Office for Immigration Review. Hundreds of thousands of migrants live in the neighborhoods served by the Archdiocese of Miami, where Randy McGrorty serves as executive director of Catholic Legal Services. “They’re just being released without any idea of what comes next,” the speaker stated.

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