Engineers recognized for their contributions to the growth of the nation

The nation’s top engineering prize, the National Engineering Award, has its recipients speaking of how inspired and driven they are to keep pushing the boundaries of engineering science and technology innovation. At Beijing’s Great Hall of the People on Friday, 81 individuals were recognized National Outstanding Engineers, while 50 teams were dubbed National Outstanding Engineering Teams. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology’s Zhang Limin, the head of the department of civil and environmental engineering, was the only student from a higher education institution in Hong Kong to win the award.


Being named a National Outstanding Engineer by the State Council and the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China is an honor for the engineering community in Hong Kong and Macao as well as for HKUST, he said, adding that it is a huge honor for him personally as a representative of Hong Kong. Zhang pointed out that the CPC Central Committee has recognized Hong Kong as one of China’s national innovation and technology centers and that the city has significant scientific and educational capabilities. Large-scale engineering initiatives that will benefit the people of Hong Kong, such Tomorrow Island and the Northern Metropolis Area, are set to begin.


More than three times as many pulsars have been found by FAST since it began operating in 2017 as have been found by all other telescopes combined. It has yielded several world-class discoveries in the areas of gravitational wave detection, rapid radio bursts, and pulsars. Eleven publications have been published in the scholarly journals Nature and Science, and these publications have chosen linked accomplishments as one of their top 10 discoveries and breakthroughs for 2020. FAST’s chief engineer, Jiang Peng, stated that the team’s accomplishments are mostly attributable to multiple generations cooperating toward a unified objective and unwaveringly following it. He underlined that the crew was greatly encouraged by winning the honor.


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