Former rising Republican star Ron DeSantis waged an erroneous presidential campaign

Ahead of the Iowa caucuses, Ron DeSantis’s top advisors braced themselves for a dismal outcome. They started to think about choices for the governor of Florida with an eye toward his political future since the polls that had for months informed them that enough Republicans were ready to move on from Donald Trump was now indicating that most of them wouldn’t. They laid out several possible outcomes and directions for DeSantis to go. They offered that DeSantis could step down, support the outgoing president, complete his second term as governor, and repair his reputation with an eye toward 2028 in the case that Trump put up a dominant performance.


At least that’s what they believed. Less than a week following a humiliating loss in Iowa and only a few days before voters in New Hampshire are predicted to give yet another one, DeSantis officially withdrew from the 2024 presidential contest on Sunday. In a prerecorded video address from Florida, DeSantis expressed his support for Trump and stated that he was eager to complete his second term as governor. For a while, he seemed to be the only Republican capable of freeing the party from Trump’s vice grasp, thus his departure represented a shocking downfall for him. Once upon a time, DeSantis appeared to have it all: wealth and popularity, a captivating past, a generational debate, and a successful story to tell. He was really leading Trump in several of the early polls.


However, facing a well-liked former president left him with no margin for error. And in interviews with CNN, DeSantis’ advisors, allies, and supporters admitted that the DeSantis campaign created a lot of them. DeSantis has stated that if Trump hadn’t been hit with 91 accusations and four indictments by federal and state courts, the race might have gone differently. Many of his advisors also think that just as the GOP presidential contest was about to begin, Republicans were energized by Trump’s legal risk, which closed the door for a rival. In the upcoming days and weeks, former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley will try to gauge the extent of that opening.

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