Hebei spreads the talent red carpet

After returning to the Hebei region in North China, Zhang Junxia expressed her sincere gratitude and was able to further her career development with a fantastic position. According to Zhang, 48, a professor at Hebei University’s School of Life Sciences in Baoding, “I wanted to do something for my hometown and contribute to its development after achieving success in my studies.” Zhang was born and reared in Cangzhou, a different Hebei city. She attended the university in Baoding to further her education before setting out on a global study and career adventure in 2005. She became a citizen of Canada during this time and concentrated on researching the molecular phylogeny and biogeography of insects and arachnids.


Zhang’s involvement has greatly improved the team’s molecular phylogenetic evolution research capabilities, according to Hebei University. Zhang was given a total of 400,000 yuan ($55,600) for project start-up and down payment in Baoding. The university also helped her find housing that was only a fifteen-minute walk from her lab. I never thought I’d get this much support and acknowledgment. I was very touched,” Zhang remarked. Zhang has published 25 research papers in esteemed international journals like Cladistics and Systematic Entomology since her return in 2019.


The Yanzhao Friendship Award, the highest honor bestowed upon foreign professionals by the Hebei provincial government, was granted to Zhang in 2022 in appreciation of her achievements to scientific research and the growth of Hebei. This distinguished honor was given not only to Zhang but also to nineteen other international specialists. The goal of Hebei in recent years has been to provide professionals from all over the world with a good environment in which to work and live. In order to achieve this, a number of initiatives have been launched to encourage the hiring of foreign high-end specialists.

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