In a city in Russia-held Ukraine, a deadly explosion occurs, according to officials

A shelling attack in the Russian-held city of Donetsk has claimed at least 27 lives, according to the regional leader imposed by Moscow. Denis Pushilin called the market strike “horrendous” and warned that the death toll would go up. An army unit from Ukraine that is present in the area claimed credit for the attack’s failure. Pushilin placed the responsibility on Ukraine. It took some time for BBC News to confirm the details surrounding the strike. Images released by the news agency Reuters seemed to depict people laying in the street alongside damaged storefronts.

Tatiana, a local, reportedly informed the media that she heard an approaching missile overhead and ran under her market stall in fear, according to AFP. She was cited as stating, “I saw smoke, people screamed, a woman was crying.” The Tavria unit of the Ukrainian army said in a Facebook message that its soldiers “did not engage in combat operations in this case”. It went on: “Ukraine is Donetsk! It will be necessary to hold Russia responsible for the deaths of Ukrainians.” The Ukrainian military were claimed to have “used weapons supplied by the West” in what the Russian Foreign Ministry branded “a barbaric terrorist act against the peaceful people of Russia”.

Since 2014, fighters supported by Russia have taken control of Donetsk city and a portion of the surrounding area in eastern Ukraine. Moscow has maintained partial control over the region ever since. The front line is about 20 kilometers (12 miles) from the city. Mariinka and Avdiivka, two neighborhoods close to Donetsk city, have recently witnessed some of the bloodiest combat. Although Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine began about two years ago, it hasn’t advanced much in the last few months. It declared on Saturday that it has taken control of the village of Krokhmalne in the Kharkiv area of northeastern Ukraine. Although a military spokesman for Ukraine acknowledged that its men had left the region, he argued it had little military significance.

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