Yunnan landslide leaves at least eight people dead and many missing. Published

The southwestern region of Yunnan in China has seen a landslide that has left at least eight people dead and scores more missing. On Monday at 05:51 local time (21:51 GMT), a landslide occurred in Zhaotong city, trapping 47 persons. With temperatures below freezing, President Xi Jinping has ordered a “all-out” rescue operation in the area. Although the exact reason of the landslide is unknown, they frequently occur in this isolated, hilly area. Nearly 1,000 rescue personnel were sent to the scene, and more than 500 residents had their homes evacuated. Zhang Guoqing, the deputy premier of China, supposedly headed a team to the scene to direct rescue efforts.

The majority of the villagers, according to one who spoke with the local media, were either old or young. A other local told Jimu News that many residents were still asleep on Monday morning when the landslide occurred. “It was very loud, and there was also a shake, it felt like a big earthquake,” she stated. Social media users posted videos of rescuers trudging atop debris heaps while snow-covered mountains provided the scene. Among the crumbling masonry, one may observe various personal possessions. In the same county, a landslide in January 2013 claimed the lives of at least eighteen individuals.

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