After a liquefied natural gas ship crashes, six people die

In the capital of Mongolia, a vehicle carrying sixty tons of liquefied natural gas collided and exploded, killing six people, including three firefighters. Following the collision with an automobile in Ulaanbaatar on Wednesday morning, hundreds of firefighters were dispatched to tackle the fire, according to officials. In addition to injuring at least eleven persons, the fire also damaged adjacent buildings. One neighborhood resident related how, at first, he believed there had been a plane accident.

A 40-year-old lawyer named Erdenebold Sukhbaatar told the Reuters news agency that the accident, which happened on Tuesday shortly after 1:00 local time (17:00 GMT), felt like an earthquake but was followed by a bright light. It was really potent. And suddenly, I’ve never witnessed a [explosion] this strong. It was around sixty tons, or sixty thousand liters [of gas]. It resembled a massive liquid gas.” As the fire grew quickly, he saw it reach “nearly three different buildings.” One tenant told Reuters that they had to get out of the back entrance because the front door was already engulfed in flames when they realized their building was on fire. The top storey of the building was affected by the fire when they turned to look back. They said, “It all happened very quickly.”

Another told how the explosion’s intensity had demolished their balcony in addition to blowing out their windows. The deputy prime minister of Mongolia, Sainbuyan Amarsaikhan, stated that no casualties have been reported from within any of the buildings. He did, however, disclose that the firefighters perished in a second explosion that threw a portion of the truck “with a lot of force” and caused a “tragic loss” of life.

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