An upcoming panda conservation center

With the first phase of a new giant panda national conservation and research center under development in Beijing, more gigantic pandas should be visible to visitors. During the ongoing “two sessions” annual meetings in the city, a top official from the capital stated that the first phase of construction is expected to be finished by the end of this year. The center’s Beijing base is being constructed in Fangshan district, where Zou Jinsong, the Party secretary, stated that the government is making every effort to welcome the giant pandas as soon as feasible. The project is situated in the Qinglonghu Forest Park, which is well-known for its natural setting, in Beijing’s southwest Fangshan district, according to a statement from the municipal government.


Peking University graduate student Huang Lingli stated: “I saw from the map that the Qinglonghu Forest Park is substantially larger than the Beijing Zoo. Does this imply that there will be more enormous pandas with larger homes and more space for play? We will be the first to visit the pandas when they settle in Fangshan, and my family and I are eager for that to happen, she added. Others voiced worries about the temperature in Beijing, speculating that the pandas—who are primarily found in the Sichuan province of Southwest China—might find it too chilly. But according to scientists, because of their thick coats, pandas prefer colder climates to hot ones.


Those associated with the project stated that since the project is still in the development phase, there is still a long way to go before the public can view the gigantic pandas at the new center. It is yet unclear how many giant pandas will be kept at the facility. According to one official, it will likely take three or four years to reach that point. The location’s ideal conditions and easy access to transportation, which are essential for the center’s staff and material movement, are the main reasons Qinglonghu was selected as the home of giant pandas in Beijing.

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