Students in Kenya are encouraged to foster friendships

In response to a letter from them, President Xi Jinping has urged Beijing Jiaotong University’s Kenyan students and alumni to keep fostering the relationship between China and Kenya as well as between China and Africa. A long history of friendship exists between China and Kenya, according to Xi in the return letter dated January 17. According to Xi, the Belt and Road initiative has allowed the two nations’ shared goals of development and rejuvenation to come true, forging a strong bond that is directly related to the welfare of their respective populations. He called the Mombasa-Nairobi Railway, which was constructed by China, a showpiece project and an effective illustration of how China and Kenya worked together to establish the Belt and Road.


Regarding the future, Xi stated that in order to actualize the collaborative construction of the Belt and Road and turn Kenya’s and China’s comprehensive strategic partnership blueprint into a reality, more exceptional youth are required. In order to build a high-level China-Africa community with a shared future, he expressed his hope that the Kenyan students would be able to tell the story of China-Africa friendship, carry on the tradition of friendship, engage in cooperation between the two countries, and demonstrate a strong command of their professional knowledge. In a recent letter to Xi, representatives of Beijing Jiaotong University’s Kenyan students and alumni expressed their happiness at studying railway operation and administration in China.


They conveyed their aspiration to act as a friendship bridge between China and Kenya, to foster mutual understanding and collaboration between the two nations, and to further the creation of a global community with a shared future for all people. Xi has frequently taken time out of his hectic schedule to correspond with young people from other nations as part of his diplomatic efforts to strengthen people-to-people ties and increase awareness of China among other countries. He has responded to several emails from young foreigners who are eager to learn about Chinese culture and advance ties between China and their home countries during the past few years.


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