After a fire kills 39 people, Xi urges action to prevent similar incidents

On Wednesday, President Xi Jinping urged decisive action to stop the frequent incidence of accidents in order to protect people’s lives and property as well as social stability. Xi, who is also the head of the Central Military Commission and general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, gave the directive following a street store fire in Xinyu, Jiangxi province, on Wednesday afternoon that left nine people injured and at least 39 dead. Following their transport to hospitals, eight of the injured were listed as being in stable condition and one as being in serious condition.


In addition to urging intensive efforts to treat those hurt in the tragedy, the president stressed the need for careful efforts to assist the victims’ relatives. He emphasized that the fire was yet another significant workplace safety mishap and that it was imperative to look into what caused the tragic event as soon as possible. According to the law, anyone found guilty must be held accountable, and authorities must think carefully, he continued. He stressed that all areas and pertinent departments ought to take the occurrence seriously, get over their complacency, and get rid of their willingness to take chances and dangers.


In his order, Premier Li Qiang stated that every effort should be taken to minimize the number of casualties and that sensible plans should be put in place to ease the families of those who have lost loved ones. He continued by saying that the State Council’s Work Safety Committee has to push authorities in different departments and regions to step up efforts to find and fix safety concerns in critical areas and weak points, so there are no blind spots. A group of authorities headed by Vice-Premier Zhang Guoqing arrived at the fire scene to supervise the rescue operations and conduct an investigation. Social media users shared videos of the accident scene featuring firetrucks and ambulances, as well as dense, dark smoke rising from the building.

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