After more than 30 years on the run, the husband was apprehended in Costa Rica in relation to the killing of his wife, according to authorities

A man who had spent more than three decades on the run after being sought in connection with the 1991 murder of his wife was brought back from Costa Rica earlier this month, according to a press conference held by officials on Monday. According to authorities, Jose Lazaro Cruz was detained in Costa Rica in 2022 and sent to Fairfax County, Virginia, early this month to stand trial in the murder case involving a 32-year-old man. It’s not known if Lazaro Cruz is represented by counsel. For information regarding his legal counsel, CNN contacted the Fairfax County Public Defender Office and the Commonwealth Attorney for Fairfax County.


According to Eli Cory, Fairfax County’s deputy chief of investigation, when police responded to a stabbing report on April 30, 1991, they discovered 24-year-old Ana Jurado dead in the street from injuries to her upper body. Police identified Jurado’s then-estranged husband, Lazaro Cruz, as the alleged murderer, although Cory claims he rushed away. Lazaro Cruz initially attempted to enter Canada, but was turned away for using forged documents, Cory said. He also mentioned that border officials had noted what looked to be a “new cut” on his hand at the time.


Cory said that at the time, El Salvador lacked the legal framework and procedures necessary to extradite him to the US. Eventually, in 2000, the nation changed its constitution to permit the extradition of citizens of El Salvador. Jurado has three small children under her care. At the time of her death, her 4-year-old son was living in El Salvador, while her 3-year-old and 7-month-old girls were living with her in the US. Fairfax County Police Chief Kevin Davis stated that although formal charges are still pending, Lazaro Cruz was immediately identified and was only “on the lam,” hence this is not a “traditional cold case.”

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