Praising the nation’s progress on human rights

During the fourth session of the Universal Periodic Review, which the United Nations Human Rights Council was holding in Geneva, Switzerland, on Tuesday, many nations praised China for its accomplishments in advancing and defending human rights. The UPR is a peer evaluation of each of the 193 UN member states’ human rights records. Since the UPR’s inaugural meeting in 2008, each member has undergone three reviews. Throughout the review cycle, nations are supposed to showcase their recent advancements in human rights and outline the actions they have done to put the recommendations from earlier assessments into practice.


Representatives from over 120 nations praised China’s advancements in human rights at the Tuesday review. They conveyed gratitude for China’s unwavering efforts to advance and defend human rights. They also applauded China for enacting a whole-process people’s democracy, creating and carrying out a national action plan for human rights, amending the Law on the Protection of Rights and Interests of Women, and improving social security and the system of services for the disabled. Hungary’s UN envoy in Geneva, Margit Szucs, stated that the UPR should not be utilized to instrumentalize human rights problems but rather as a forum for positive discourse to advance human rights.


Brazil praises China for its efforts in the pursuit of development toward the eradication of poverty expansion and the improvement of the education and health system for all, as well as the provision of adequate housing. Tovar da Silva Nunes, Brazil’s ambassador and permanent representative in Geneva, made this statement. The UPR working group is now reviewing 14 nations, including China, during its current session, which started on Monday and ends on February 2. It took part in UPRs in 2013; in 2009; and in 2018. Chen Xu, the head of the Chinese delegation for the review and China’s permanent representative to the UN in Geneva and other international organizations, spoke extensively on China’s achievements and development path in the area of human rights.

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