SAC nih timh ciammam in Chinram um Khrihfa Biakinn an kah tiah Myanmar Witness nih langhter

2023 March 21 in August 14 tiang thla 5 chung ah SAC nih vanlawng in Chinram chung ah Khrihfa Biakinn voi 7 an kah, tiah Myanmar Witness nih report an chuahmi ah an langhter. 2023 March- August tiang ah SAC ralkap nih Chinram chung um Khrihfa Biakinn voi 10 tiang kahdohnak an tuah i cu chung ah voi 7 cu vanlawng in kahdohnak an tuahmi a si, tiah Myanmar Witness nih January 22 ah an thanh.
Vanlawng in kahdohnak an tuahmi lakah Thantlang, Falam le Hakha peng chung ah Khrihfa Biakinn 5 an rawk, tiah an langhter. Myanmar Witness nih report an langhter mi hi mithmutu hna nih an chimmi le Satellite in record an tuahmi hmanthlak hna an si. Khrihfa Biakinn kahdohnak ah hin SAC ralkap le van ralkap cu į¹­uanvo an ngei tiin Myanmar Witness nih an langhter. Cu pinah Biakinn kahdohnak kong ah CNF, CDF, CNDF hna zong teltumnak an ngei tiin an langhter nain zeitindah an i tel ti cu fiang in an langhter lo.
CHRO nih an khawmhsuat ning ah SAC nih nawlngeihnak an laak hnu in Chinram chung ah SAC ralkap nih Khrihfa Biakinn 67 le Phungki Biakinn 5 telh in biaknak he aa pehtlai mi inn 107 an hrawh, tiah an langhter ve.
NUG nih cun SAC ralkap nih biaknak he aa pehtlai mi inn cu timh ciammam tein an kah caah biaknak he aa pehtlai mi inn 76 an rawk, tiah January 9 ah an rak thanh.

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