Youths from Taiwan witness mainland growth

In an effort to promote exchanges and understanding between people, over 500 young people from Taiwan are taking part in a winter camp that includes tours to mainland provinces and interactions with Chinese culture. About 200 individuals from both sides attended the inauguration ceremony, which was arranged by the All-China Federation of Taiwan Compatriots, on Tuesday at Jilin University. The president of the federation, Zheng Jianmin, stated that the occasion will assist young people from Taiwan in being familiar with Chinese culture and customs as well as the economic and social advancements of the mainland, enabling them to present a more genuine mainland to their friends and family back home.


According to him, young people on both sides of the Strait can interact, improve understanding, form close friendships, and collaborate to further the harmonious and well-rounded growth of cross-Strait ties. According to Kong Lingzhi, president of the Jilin Provincial Federation for Taiwan Compatriots, the quickly evolving social development, natural landscape, and many ethnic customs of the mainland have drawn a growing number of young people from Taiwan in recent years. During the week-long journey in Jilin, he said, they will get a taste of the distinct ice and snow culture, fishing and hunting culture, inheritance of intangible cultural heritage, and rural vitalization practices.


Yang reported that she has been seeing the rise in ice and snow tourism in Northeast China this year and has seen numerous short videos on the internet featuring visitors from the south traveling to the region. In 14 provinces, including Heilongjiang, Gansu, and Xinjiang, a variety of itineraries are created for youth exchange programs. To assist more people learn about the mainland, participants are invited to create videos documenting their experiences throughout the camp. The camp, which was initially organized in 1989 to encourage cross-Strait exchanges, is in its 30th iteration. Since then, almost 7,000 young Taiwanese people have expressed interest in participating.

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