Moving Rhinos to a New Home in Kenya

Earlier past month, Kenya started its largest rhino translocation initiative. The challenging task of relocating 21 endangered animals to a new habitat was started by workers. They weigh about one metric ton apiece. In 2018, an earlier attempt to relocate rhinos within the nation of East Africa ended in disaster. The eleven animals all perished. The most recent initiative ran into early issues. A helicopter successfully used a tranquilizer shot to hit a rhino that was intended to move, but the rhino wound up in a creek. The rhino was saved by veterinarians and park officials who used a rope to keep its head above water while a sedative medicine took effect. After that, it was made available.


There are both male and female black rhinos. According to the Kenya Wildlife Service, they are being relocated from three conservation parks to the exclusive Loisaba Conservancy in central Kenya. There are too many of them in the three parks, so they are being relocated. More room is necessary for them to wander and, ideally, procreate. In general, rhinos prefer to be alone themselves and are happiest in vast territory. Kenya has made some progress in protecting the population of black rhinos. Poaching caused the rhino population to drop below 300 in the middle of the 1980s, sparking concerns that the creatures would become extinct in a nation known for its diverse wildlife.


Eleven rhinos were relocated by Kenya six years ago from the nation’s capital, Nairobi, to a different refuge in the south of the nation. Soon after reaching the sanctuary, they were all dead. Investigations revealed that ten of them perished from stress, malnourishment, and water scarcity, which was exacerbated by salt poisoning as they fought with the salted water in their new home. A lion attacked the other rhino. A portion of the twenty-one rhinos that were recently relocated are from Nairobi National Park. They are going to travel 300 kilometers in the back of a truck to get to Loisaba. Some will arrive from parks nearer Loisaba.

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