Trembling villagers reconstructing their livelihoods

A villager named Xu Yongqiong lives in Luding county in the southwest region of Sichuan. She is occupied with decorating her new house while pendant lights are being installed in a room by electricians. A 6.8-magnitude earthquake that struck the county on September 5, 2022, caused numerous fatalities and caused structures in the impacted districts to fall. Following the earthquake, Xu’s family was forced to migrate due to the significant geological hazard created by the jolting mountains nearby. With the government’s help, her new house was eventually constructed. And thanks to government subsidies, interest-free bank loans, and money borrowed from family, she invested around 700,000 yuan ($98,488) in a new business venture: the building of an eight-bedroom, two-story home.


“I’m getting ready to turn this property into a homestay for tourists in the future,” Xu, who now owns a restaurant his family, stated. We should continue working hard because I think that’s how we’ll discover hope. Xu currently resides in Shaba village, which is home to 300 individuals living in 95 families. Twenty-seven families attempted to reconstruct their homes after the earthquake. According to Wei Shuquan, the village Party chairman, construction is finished, and the people should be settled into their new residences by this year’s Spring Festival, which occurs on February 10. The communities impacted by the accident are progressively starting a new chapter in their lives.


More than 4,500 earthquake-affected families have had new dwellings built with government assistance; most of these are situated in Ya’an city and the Tibetan autonomous prefecture of Garze. Villager Li Zhiying, from Yan’an’s Shimian County, is already comfortable in her new residence. Li moved on from the devastating loss of her fruit farm company due to the earthquake and started overseeing a citrus grove located high in the highlands. I can pay back some of the loans used to construct the new house after I sell these fruits. “I also intend to increase the area dedicated to planting oranges,” she declared.


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