A gas plant explosion in Kenya injured at least 29 people

An explosion at a gas plant in southeast Nairobi, Kenya, has left at least 29 people injured and many more thought to be dead. In the Embakasi region, a massive fire is seen roaring near apartment buildings in a video shared on social media. A representative for the administration stated that soon before Thursday night’s midnight, the fire started as gas cylinders were being refilled. It’s still unclear what started the fire, according to Isaac Mwaura. According to Mr. Mwaura, firefighters and emergency services are on the site where Kentainers Company Ltd. is located. “The building that houses the company has significant damage,” he continued.


“Members of the public are advised to avoid the area as rescue operations are underway including fire engines being deployed to the area.” Local media was informed by witnesses that there were tremors right after the explosion. In a social media post, the Kenya Red Cross said that 29 people had been hospitalized for injuries and that firefighters had been “tirelessly battling the flames”. There are concerns that the death toll may increase since the fire is said to have spread to multiple apartment buildings.

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