Chinland Cozah lutlai ah Pu Pa Thang thim a si

Chinland Council Nih Chinram Cozah Thar An Ser, Prime Minister Ah Pu Pa Thang Thim A Si tiah kan theih. A voihnihnak Chinland Council meeting cu January 30-31 tiang Chinlung khuapi(Victoria Base) ah an tuah i tlamtling tein Chinram cozah thar an ser.
A voihnihnak Chinland Council meeting ah Chinland phunghrampi ningin Chinland cozah Prime Minister, Miniters le ukhruainak tungtlang pathum fehternak an tuah kong Chinland Council nih an thanh.
Chinmi hmunram le Chin miphun dihlak runven, Chin miphun ralkap ṭhawnter le Chin miphun dohthlennak ah Chinmi zapi dihlak i tel ding in kan i zuam lai, tiah Chinland Council nih an langhter. A voihnihnak Chinland Council meeting ah Chinland Cozah lutlai thar thim an si i, Prime Minister Pu Pa Thang, Foreign Minister Dr. Sui Khar, Defense Minister Pu Thawng Za Lian, Attorney General Dr. Ṭial Hnin an si. Supreme court zong ser colh a si i, Chief Justice ah Pu Thomas Thang Nou, Judges Pu Mana Sheing le Pu Thang Yen hna an si.

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