Exclusive: Ukraine’s troubled army chief says the country needs to adjust to less military assistance from the West.

Valerii Zaluzhnyi, the beleaguered head of Ukraine’s army, says that if his country is to prevail in its conflict with Russia, it will have to adjust to a decrease in military support from its major allies and put an even greater emphasis on technology. In an exclusive column for CNN, Zaluzhnyi discussed the difficulty of mass mobilization—a point of contention between him and President Volodymyr Zelensky—amid a flurry of speculations about his future. The general’s piece doesn’t include his connection with the president or the rumors that Zelensky, who has been in the position for four years, is about to announce his resignation, which a source indicated might happen in a few days.


Before drawing the conclusion that “new innovative approaches can turn this war of position into one of maneuver,” Zaluzhnyi emphasized the significance of unmanned aerial vehicles and electronic warfare capabilities as priorities for Ukraine in that initial piece that was published in the Economist. Zaluzhnyi’s depiction of the conflict as a war of position, typified by combat attrition and immobility, essentially signified the acceptance that the highly publicized Ukrainian counteroffensive from earlier in 2023 had come to an end.


There was a great deal of anticipation earlier in the year that Ukraine would launch an offensive and advance, waging a manoeuvring war to retake large swathes of land that Russia had lost to it in 2022. However, it was challenging to penetrate the deep Russian minefields, intense Russian artillery fire, and the rapidly spreading First-Person-View (FPV) drones across the frontlines, which made stealth attacks much more difficult. Ukrainian forces made a 20-kilometer advance in the south, which was the main area of emphasis; the expectation had been that they could be able to advance all the way to the shore, which was roughly 70 kilometers distant.

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