US authorities say they have approved a plan to hit Iranian sites in Syria and Iraq

Officials have informed CBS News, the US partner of the BBC, that the US has approved plans for a series of strikes on Iranian targets in Syria and Iraq. According to officials, the strikes will happen over several days, and the timing of their launch will probably depend on the weather. It follows the Sunday drone attack that claimed the lives of three US soldiers in Jordan near the Syrian border. The attack was attributed by the US to a militia group supported by Iran. It is thought that the Islamic Resistance in Iraq is made up of several militias that have received equipment, financial support, and training from Iran’s Revolutionary Guards organization. It has declared that the strike on Sunday was its fault.


Iran, on the other hand, has denied any involvement in the strike at the Tower 22 military base that injured 41 additional US soldiers. According to US sources, US intelligence believes that Iran created the drone used to assault the site and that it resembles the drones that Iran has been supplying to Russia in preparation for its invasion of Ukraine. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin defended the postponed military response at a news conference on Thursday, saying, “We will respond where we choose, when we choose, and how we choose.” “I think everyone recognizes the challenge associated with making sure that we hold the right people accountable,” he stated, adding that there isn’t a “set formula for doing this”.


An exact schedule for the possible strikes was not provided by the officials who talked with CBS News. Although they stated that the US military could launch them in inclement weather, they would have liked improved visibility to lessen the possibility of unintentionally striking people. Republican senators, including some of the most hawkish voices in Washington when it comes to Iran, have been putting increasing pressure on President Joe Biden to strike targets within Iran. Though Mr. Biden and other defense officials have stated that Washington is not seeking a bigger battle with Iran or an escalation of tensions in the area, the US has repeatedly committed to retaliate to the drone assault. At the White House earlier this week, Mr. Biden told reporters, “That’s not what I’m looking for.”

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