South Carolina Democratic primary is won by Biden

In the Democratic primary in South Carolina, US President Joe Biden won handily. Based on forecasts by CBS, the US partner of the BBC, he had won all 55 committed delegates after almost all votes from Saturday’s vote had been tabulated. Prior to the presidential election this year, it was the first formal Democratic primary. With minimal opposition from other members of his party, Mr. Biden promised to label Republican Donald Trump a “loser”.The president said he had “no doubt” South Carolina voters would put him on the right track to become president in 2024, recalling how they “breathed life” into his 2020 campaign. Democrats Dean Phillips and Marianne Williamson fell well short of Mr. Biden, with early results indicating that they received barely 2% of the vote.


Black voters in South Carolina, who make up more than 25% of the state’s population, were important in securing Joe Biden’s first victory as a presidential candidate in 2020. “You’re the reason I’m president,” Mr. Biden declared in January before a largely black audience in the state. “You’re the reason Donald Trump is a loser, and you’re the reason we’re gonna win and beat him again.” In April 2023, Mr. Biden made his formal announcement that he would run for reelection in 2024, telling voters that the country was at a turning point and that he needed more time to “finish this job”. In order for South Carolina to cast its ballot as the first state in the nomination process, President Biden worked hard to amend the party’s rules. The intention behind the change, according to a Biden campaign official, was “to make sure the process reflected the diversity of our party.”

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