Xi exhibits concern for the welfare of the people

throughout his inspection trip of Tianjin on Thursday and Friday, President Xi Jinping sent festive congratulations to Chinese people both at home and abroad in a heartwarming precursor to Spring Festival. He also called on authorities to prioritize measures to ensure the public’s well-being throughout the holiday. Xi, who is also the chairman of the Central Military Commission and general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, showed his support and well wishes to the general public while visiting a museum, a bustling historical thoroughfare, and a community that had recently suffered a calamity. Eight days prior to Spring Festival, China’s most significant holiday and a customary time for family get-togethers, the visit took place.


Before the vacation, Xi has made it a habit to visit individuals from various walks of life, asking about their living conditions and expressing his sympathy for marginalized groups. Xi’s inspection tour began in a village in the Xiqing area, where in late July and early August, terrible floods devastated the fields. He examined vegetable growth in greenhouses before questioning farmers on attempts to restore their facilities and begin production in the wake of the floods. The president then had a private meeting at the Du Honggang family’s residence, questioning them about their income and having an open discussion about how they handled and recovered from the floods.


In addition to reiterating that the safety of the populace is always the top priority for the CPC Central Committee and local authorities, Xi expressed his optimism that the villages will be able to rebuild their houses and move toward a better life. Upon greeting the locals, he expressed his joy at their ability to survive the calamity and provide their comfort throughout the winter. The president stated that for the last year, he has constantly kept a careful eye on the circumstances encountered by those impacted by various disasters. Xi was warmly welcomed by large crowds on Thursday afternoon at Tianjin’s Ancient Culture Street. He strolled among stores selling regional specialties and struck up conversations with staff, customers, and shopkeepers.

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