Cafés in Japan Where You Can Pet Pigs

Small coffee-serving establishments known as cafés are renowned in Japan’s major cities for setting trends. Cat cafés followed the first pet cafés. In Japan, having pigs in a café is the newest thing. It was amazing. Very enjoyable and soothing, according to Brad Loomis. He is a software engineer from Pullman, Washington, in the United States. He was discussing his recent trip to Tokyo’s Mipig Café with his daughter Paige, who is 21 years old. The father and daughter were among the many customers in the café on a recent morning in late January, grinning and snapping photographs with the pigs.


The pigs are quite tiny. They shuffle around the space in search of a cozy spot. They occasionally snort small and are surprisingly silent. They do not smell unpleasant and are extremely clean, in contrast to the myth. The pigs detest being alone themselves. They are therefore enjoyable to be around. For the first half hour of spending time with a pig, customers pay $15. For the experience, customers need to schedule a time by contacting the café. Every pig is different. Everybody has a unique personality. Shiho Kitagawa remarked, “You may notice that one may be strong-headed and another may be gentle.” She works at Mipig Café as an executive. She addresses the pigs as “Mr. and Mrs. Pig,” or “buta-san.”


Lover of pigs think they are excellent pets. Mipig is selling them at $1,350. The pigs that are sold at Mipig are accustomed to living with humans and have received housebreaking. There’s also micro pig food available. According to Mipig, it has sold 1,300 pet pigs. The café’s foreign patrons claimed to have learned about it from Instagram and other social media sites. The café doesn’t spend money on advertisements. Ben Russell, an Australian, grinned when the pig eventually clambered up onto him. He claimed that pigs have always been his favorite animal, even though this was the first time he had ever touched a real one.

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