Call for Meta to label posts is prompted by a fake Biden video

According to the independent committee that examines Facebook’s owner’s online content moderation practices, the company ought to identify phony posts instead of deleting them. The Oversight Board concluded that since the phony video of US President Joe Biden did not go against Meta’s manipulated media policy, Meta was correct to leave it up. It said, however, that the policy was “incoherent” and ought to be expanded outside its purview in front of a busy election year. Meta was “reviewing” the guidelines, a representative for the company told the BBC. “[We] will respond publicly to their recommendations within 60 days in accordance with the bylaws,” Meta stated.


More labeling of bogus content on Facebook is required, according to the Oversight Board, especially if it cannot be removed due to a specific policy violation. It claimed that doing so would lessen the need for independent fact-checkers, provide a “more scalable way” to uphold its skewed media policy, and alert users to content that has been edited or falsified. It went on to say that it was worried that users could not know whether or not their content had been removed or degraded, or how to challenge such decisions.

In 2021, Meta’s board heard over a million appeals regarding content that was taken down from Facebook and Instagram in its first year of taking appeals. The video in issue altered previously released footage of the US President with his granddaughter to give the impression that he was inappropriately touching her. It did not violate Meta’s manipulated media policy and was not removed because it was not artificially manipulated and instead showed Mr. Biden acting in a way that he did not rather than saying something he did not say. The Oversight Board co-chair Michael McConnell stated that the policy “makes little sense” in its current state.

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