“Spatial Computing” Made Possible with the Vision Pro Headset

The Vision Pro headset, a new computer device from technology company Apple, went on sale last week. The gadget makes use of augmented reality, a long-standing technology. However, Apple refers to the innovation as “spatial computing.” The gadget is worn above the eyes on the head. Apple anticipates that the Vision Pro will enjoy the same level of popularity as its 2007 smartphone, the iPhone. When talking about the Vision Pro, Apple CEO Tim Cook said, “We can’t wait for people to experience the magic.” At $3,500, the Vision Pro will also be one of Apple’s most expensive offerings. Numerous experts believe that because of the exorbitant price, the corporation may only sell a million or less of the devices in their first year of sales.


However, even the iPhone did not have great success during its initial year of release. Back then, Apple only sold roughly 4 million iPhones. These days, the business sells about 200 million of them annually. In the event that the Vision Pro is successful, “spatial computing” may gain traction. The term “spatial computing” refers to the ability of the real world and computer simulations to interact. According to Cathy Hackl, two computer fields that contribute to the realization of spatial computing are augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI). Her new business, which creates apps for the Vision Pro, is controlled by her.


“Devices will be able to understand the world in ways they never have been able to do before,” according to Hackl. She went on to say that it will alter how people and computers interact. More than 600 freshly created apps, according to Apple, will be usable on the headgear immediately away. TV networks and media services will be available through apps, while Netflix and Google’s YouTube won’t be. There will also be apps for educational services and video games. Applications for the Vision Pro have been developed by Zoom and other firms that offer online meeting solutions.

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