US Workers Would Take Pay Cuts to Boost Their Standard of Living

Clinical psychologist Lynn Bufka is affiliated with the American Psychological Association in Washington, D.C. She stated, “I do believe that people are having a lot of difficulty understanding what work-life balance is.” “And seeing that we have a strong desire to work hard, accomplish, and perform—at least in some areas of the United States. We’re also becoming more aware of how bad this is for us. According to the survey, younger folks are even more willing to forgo financial gain in exchange for what they view as a better life. Sixty percent of millennials (those between the ages of 27 and 42) stated that a better work-life balance would make them tolerate a lower income. fifty-six percent of adults in Generation Z, those in the 18–26 age range.


I’m not surprised by these results,” Julia Toothacre emailed VOA. She works at as an employment advisor. “The younger generations have made a strong case for the importance of maintaining balance in their lives. It’s crucial to remember that this does not imply a lack of ambition on their part. It just indicates that, unlike previous generations, they are seeking flexibility and are unwilling to forgo their health. Among older adults, forty-five percent of Generation X (those in the 43–59 age range) would accept a 20 percent income decrease in exchange for a better work–life balance. However, just 33% of Baby Boomers—those in the 60–78 age range—would follow suit.


Balance between work and life is crucial to my clients. The majority of my customers approach me seeking a more flexible and balanced professional path, or because they are dissatisfied with their existing work,” the woman added. Ford Motor Company conducted the poll in August and September of 2023, interviewing 16,086 respondents online across 16 nations, including the US. Of those asked, 77% said they thought having a balanced life was more essential than having a job with a better salary. Bufka stated, “We are disregarding our social sense of self, our spiritual sense of self, if our only way of being is defined by what we do and our work.


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