A Tesla trademark dispute costs the owner of a Bury chicken eatery £12,000

After losing his case against Tesla in a trademark dispute, a Greater Manchester chicken store owner was faced with a £12,000 financial loss. The 41-year-old owner of the trademark “Tesla Chicken & Pizza” filed it for a new delivery service. Then, he objected to Tesla, the electric vehicle manufacturer, trying to defend its trademark in the UK for food and drink services. Tesla said that Mr. Ali’s trademark would exploit its standing. Tesla has been contacted by the BBC for comment. The owner of Colorado’s Chicken in Bury, Mr. Ali registered “Tesla Chicken & Pizza” in May 2020 under class 43 for food and drink services with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO).


He said that Nikola Tesla, the Serbian-American electrical engineer and inventor, served as the inspiration for both the automotive behemoth and his trademark. He responded, “He was a kind of intelligent guy… in my young age, I was… reading about him, looking at his pictures,” when asked why he chose to name his company after Nikola Tesla. According to Mr. Ali, Tesla did not challenge his trademark during the two months following registration during which a formal opposition may be submitted. However, he received an email from the IPO in November 2021. “It informed me that someone attempted to sign up ‘Tesla’ for the same course as you. It came from the United States, and I wondered, “Who is this?” He stated.


In the UK, Tesla has filed a request for protection of its international trademarks in the food and drink category, which includes take-out, pop-up, and self-service restaurant services. Mr. Ali objected to it because he believed Tesla would attempt to invalidate his trademark for the company he wished to expand if they were successful in registering. As Mr. Ali had predicted, Tesla filed an application in September 2022 to have his trademark invalidated, claiming that their 2013-registered “Tesla” had such a well-established reputation that his trademark would unfairly capitalize on it.

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