In response to an offer of a ceasefire, Hamas proposes a 135-day truce

In response to a truce plan approved by Israel, Hamas has outlined a number of demands, including reconstructing Gaza and swapping hostages for Palestinian inmates. After three 45-day truce periods, the armed group demands the complete evacuation of Israeli soldiers and the end of the conflict. Given that the Israeli prime minister has called for “total victory” in Gaza, the offer is probably going to be rejected. Whether a compromise can be struck to advance the process is the question. The response from Hamas is a counteroffer to a ceasefire proposal that has not been made public and is supported by the US, Israel, and Qatar. Egypt is acting as a mediator in the ceasefire negotiations.


As part of the agreement, more food and other humanitarian supplies would be sent to Gaza. Negotiations to terminate the war would have been completed, according to Hamas, by the end of the 135-day ceasefire. US President Joe Biden gave the plan a muted reception, describing it as “a little over the top”. Although there is still “a lot of work to be done” to achieve a permanent ceasefire, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken emphasized the significance of doing so. During a previous one-week ceasefire in November, 240 Palestinian captives were exchanged for the release of roughly 100 hostages.


On October 7, of last year, Hamas attacked southern Israel, killing almost 1,300 people. The Israeli-led conflict in response has claimed the lives of around 27,700 Palestinians and injured at least 65,000 more, according to the health ministry operated by Hamas. Speaking to Israel’s Channel 13, a senior Israeli official stated that authorities were considering rejecting the plan or requesting additional conditions because some of Hamas’ requests could not be met. Although Israeli officials agree that “total victory” is still a long way off and that it may not even be achieved militarily, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asserts that this is the ultimate goal.

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