Nationwide alerts for flooding and snow

There are still weather warnings in effect for the UK due to the ongoing snow and rain. For most of Scotland, yellow snow and ice warnings are in effect through Friday and Saturday. There is a potential for power outages and travel disruptions. In certain areas of England, there are also hundreds of flood alerts and dozens of flood warnings. Dan Stroud of the Met Office stated, “We’ve had the worst of it, but it’s still not completely clear.” It follows a cold snap on Thursday that caused temperatures to drop well below freezing in several parts of the nation and forced the closure of numerous schools in the northern regions of England and Wales.


There was about 9cm of snow in Bingley, West Yorkshire, and about 10cm (3.9in) in Kirkwall, Scotland. Elizabeth Rizzini of BBC Weather said that although Friday’s temperatures would not be as low as they could be in most northern regions, it could still be unpleasant and windy in parts of eastern Scotland, northeastern England, and eastern Northern Ireland. She continued by saying that although there might still be some snow in Scotland’s highest regions, it will most likely fall as sleet or rain at lower elevations. “Gradually the milder air will filter across the whole of the UK through the weekend, with any wintriness on Saturday confined to the far north of Scotland and Shetland,” she stated.


According to the Met Office, there could be some travel delays on Friday morning in Scotland’s southern regions. It stated that there is an additional possibility of travel delays in central and northern regions, along with disruptions to other services including mobile phone coverage and the power supply. The Environment Agency has issued flood warnings for most of England, centered on east Yorkshire, Milton Keynes, Derby, and Birmingham. Along the south coast, there are also warnings in effect at Plymouth, Weymouth, Southampton, and Bournemouth. There are also more than 200 less serious flood alerts across the south and the Midlands of England.

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