TalkTV program Uncensored will be moved by Piers Morgan to YouTube

TalkTV’s Uncensored show host Piers Morgan is taking a break to concentrate on the channel’s YouTube account. The presenter claimed that moving online will enable him to conduct lengthier, more in-depth interviews and that television schedules had become a “unnecessary straitjacket”. He added that it would help him draw in a larger international following. With 2.35 million followers on its YouTube account, the show has many times the number of people that watch it every day on TV. The statement was made less than two years after News UK, a division of News Corp. owned by the Murdoch family, hired Morgan to be the lead presenter for the debut of TalkTV.


The channel was one of several created to provide an alternative to the news coverage provided by the broadcasters with greater known names. However, Morgan’s decision will prompt concerns about both its survival and the overall function of traditional TV. On YouTube, Morgan’s interviews frequently receive hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of views. On the other hand, each episode of his TalkTV show, which airs at 20:00, receives tens of thousands of viewers. The host stated, “You can’t defy audiences or tell them how they should be consuming,” in an interview with the Times.


“It’s clear there’s a huge global demand for the content we’re making, but the commitment to a daily show at a fixed schedule, with all the editing and time sensitivities that involves, has been an increasingly unnecessary straitjacket,” he stated. He cited Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s interview, which went viral on YouTube on Monday afternoon and made headlines when Mr. Sunak accepted a £1,000 wager over his Rwanda policy. “Had we waited until 8pm to air it first on TalkTV, it would have been overtaken by the huge breaking news of King Charles’s cancer diagnosis,” he stated.


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