TikTok and Temu remove inexpensive warmers after tests show a fire hazard

After Which? discovered that inexpensive electric heaters could explode or cause house fires, TikTok and Temu removed the heaters from their online storefronts. The consumer group discovered that the majority of the eight heaters it tested—the most affordable being £7.20—did not adhere to UK safety regulations. It claimed that the gadgets presented “a serious safety risk” to consumers and that some of them had been endorsed by TikTok influencers. Customer safety was stated as the top priority by both Temu and TikTok. Which? claimed to have discovered that more comparable postings have since taken the place of the items, even though both businesses had taken them off the market.


Thanks to their Shop platform, Temu and TikTok have become competitors to well-known e-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay, attracting millions of UK consumers with their seemingly inexpensive merchandise. Which? claimed that studies on its heaters indicated they required tighter regulation. Sue Davies, head of Which?’s consumer protection policy, said, “Although models sold on TikTok and Temu pose a serious safety risk and should be avoided at all costs, cheap electric heaters are a tempting purchase for consumers struggling during the cold winter months.”


Which? has additionally brought attention to the part influencers play in selling the heaters. TikTok Shop is integrated within the video-sharing app; items that are available there are regularly featured in videos uploaded by platform artists. Which? found multiple posts on TikTok from influencers endorsing heaters that pose a fire risk. Lesley Rudd, CEO of Electrical Safety First, challenged them to own up to their mistakes, stating that they had “a moral duty” to make sure the goods they advocated for their followers were secure. She concurred that, in light of the emergence of new internet retailers, the laws as they stand were “broken”.

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