Why fears of fire are growing due to the e-bike boom

Ollie, a delivery rider in York, England, had to make a small financial investment to purchase his first e-bike in 2022. His delivery firm negotiated a discounted price for him to purchase it. Even with the reduction, it cost him £1,000. “The biggest issue is that e-bikes are expensive, and ones with safe batteries are extremely expensive, so many people opt for cheaper, less reliable, and often dangerous batteries,” explains Ollie. Even while he was first drawn to less expensive versions, he ultimately concluded that the benefits of “higher range, safer batteries, easier access to repairs, and a solid warranty” outweighed the costs.


Although that may have been the case, it also made his bike a more appealing target; he recently had his e-bike stolen from outside a supermarket. He does not intend to purchase a substitute. “Spending £1,000 on an e-bike or buying a bike at all that stands out would just be shooting myself in the foot,” Ollie says. The growing popularity of electric mopeds, bikes, and scooters is a good sign for reducing carbon emissions. They have a small carbon footprint, according to studies.


Melinda Hanson, a cofounder of the Equitable Commute Project, states that “e-bikes are the most promising equitable climate solution in the transportation space that we have seen.” Through events where delivery workers may turn in their non-certified e-bikes for subsidized new cycles that satisfy safety standards, this organization helps lower-income New Yorkers get access to e-bikes. This illustrates the dangers that electric two-wheelers pose to electrical safety. The incidence of e-bike and e-scooter fires is rising in China, the world’s e-bike capital, and in places like London, where e-bikes gained popularity later.


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