Haley challenges Trump in her home state of South Carolina as the primary approaches.

Two weeks remain before the Republican primary in South Carolina, and Nikki Haley is attempting to take on Donald Trump on her home ground as the former president attempts to stifle his last significant opponent’s unlikely ascent to the nomination. Days after winning handily in Nevada, Trump is shifting the focus of his campaign to the southern state. He is anticipated to energise his followers at a rally on Saturday afternoon in Conway, which is close to Myrtle Beach. While en route, Trump paused to address a throng of people outside and expressed gratitude to South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster, who had provided him with an early endorsement. In 2017, McMaster assumed the role of governor following Trump’s appointment of Haley as his UN ambassador.


Without addressing Haley by name, Trump stated, “It was more important to get Henry McMaster to be governor than it was to have her in the United Nations.” “And he performed far better. With three consecutive victories under his belt, Trump—who has long been the front-runner in the GOP presidential contest—hopes to utilize the February 24 primary in South Carolina to end Haley’s aspirations and concentrate entirely on his anticipated rematch with Democratic President Joe Biden in the general election. Haley disregarded the Nevada caucuses, claiming that the election was rigged to benefit Trump. Instead, she turned her attention to South Carolina, where she began a two-week bus tour of the state in which she was the governor.


Speaking on Saturday in front of a small group of spectators outside a historic opera house in Newberry, Haley painted Trump as an unpredictable, conceited individual who is not concerned with the interests of the American people. She cited his recent exertion of power within the Republican Party, which included publicly forcing Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel to resign from her position and effectively persuading GOP senators in Washington to reject a bipartisan border security agreement. What’s taking place?” stated Haley. “On that day of all those losses, he had his fingerprints all over it,” she continued.

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